Best Zero Gravity Chairs For Short People

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Best Zero Gravity Chairs For Short PeopleBeing a short person can making finding even the simplest product extremely difficult since it’s rarely designed for our height. This is where this buyers guide on zero gravity chairs for short people is so important. In this guide, you will find a selection of zero gravity chairs that are comfortable for the short person based a few critical factors.

As many shorter people know, sitting in a chair that doesn’t work for your height can be uncomfortable and in some cases, it can cause you injury. So having a chair that is suited for your height is important which is why having a low profile on your chair will help with this.

It might come as a surprise that being short sometimes has an advantage that you might not expect when it comes to zero gravity chairs. This is you can actually save some money when it comes to these styles of chairs since we don’t require any extra length when in the reclined position. The bulkier the chair, the more expensive it is usually.

Adjustable Headrest Is A Feature To Consider

The headrest is also something that will make a difference for the shorter person when choosing which reclining chair to buy. That is the headrest should be adjustable so you will be able to lower the headrest into a more comfortable position for you.

Seat Height Is Critical For The Short User

Like any piece of furniture that we sit on, lay on, and use on a regular basis, the seat height is one of the most important features to consider. Zero gravity chairs can be challenging to get in and out of, especially when they sit 20 inches high. As a short person, you need to put the odds back in your favor by finding an option closer to the 15″ seat height mark.

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Compare Zero Graticy Chairs By Seat Height

Capacity Seat Height Price
250 LB 13" With 61" Full Recline Length Check Price On Amazon
300 LB 15" With 59.1" Full Recline Length Check Price On Amazon
300 LB 14.5" Check Price On Amazon
350 LB 13" With 61" Full Recline Length Check Price On Amazon
350 LB 15.1" With 62.1" Full Recline Length Check Price On Amazon
250 LB - Check Price On Amazon


Low Profile Reclining Chair

Seat Height 13″ At Lowest Point

Low Profile Reclining Chair
This model from Dkeli is the prime example of what a low profile zero gravity chair should really be in my opinion. It has a lot of the features that are required for this type of chair to be useful for shorter people which is something that I really like.

Being a zero gravity chair does mean that it needs to be comfortable when in it’s reclined positions. These chairs are comfortable when you’re sitting on them and the reclining is smooth which helps when you first sit on them. Having a low seat height of just 13 inches ensures the shorter person can safely climb onto the seat without injuring themselves.

Something that really stood out for me with this two-pack of chairs is the actual footrest themselves. They have a non-slip type of rubber that will prevent the chair from slipping and can make the chair less noisy.

Built To Handle Exterior Conditions

Durability is an important thing in mine and a lot of other people’s opinions since it will keep you safe and save you money. This is why I like that Dkeli has made sure that this chair has a powder-coated steel frame and a UV resistant mesh which helps it handle the outside easier.

One Of The Best Camping Recliners Out There

While there is a lot to like about this zero gravity camping chair with a number of features that are things that I consider almost a necessity. The headrest is a great example of this since it’s adjustable and removable which makes it easier for a shorter person to get comfortable.

If the headrest isn’t adjustable and the backrest is tall, you are not going to find the chair very comfortable. Which is why the adjustable headrest is important.

Having a cupholder isn’t something I would be considered rare for a zero gravity chair to have but this one is a bit different. The cupholder is on a side table that actually has two cupholders, a phone holder, and a tablet holder. So it offers more than your standard chair.

Dkeli Zero Gravity Chair Patio Lounge Chair


15″ Seat Height For The Modern Patio

There is a lot to like about these zero gravity chairs from Flamaker. I find them to be rather stylish and come in 4 different colors, so there is a good chance that one will suit your house. Thankfully there is more to these chairs than just how stylish they are with things like how comfortable they are.

One of the things that I really like about these chairs is that they have a 160° range of reclining. This is something that makes a big difference for comfort since you can find the position that you feel the most comfortable in which is something that really stands out in my opinion.

This is thanks to the excellent locking mechanism that allows it to be locked in any position instead of just a few predetermined ones. Tho sadly there is a slight downside with the locking system with some people reporting they have had issues with them so it’s something that’s worth considering.

Short Height? No Worries

Having a chair that’s too high off the ground is an issue for shorter people as it can be difficult to sit in them since sometimes your legs don’t reach the ground. This is why I really like how this zero gravity chair has a seat height of 15″ making it easy to get in and out for shorter people.

With how these chairs have been designed with being more ergonomic in mind the adjustable headrest plays an even larger role here. Not only can you adjust it for use as a headrest you can go even lower and use it to help with lower back support.

Flamaker Patio Zero Gravity Chair


Camping Zero Gravity Chair For Short Person

Camping Zero Gravity Chair For Short Person
One of the reasons that zero gravity chairs are so good is that they help with alleviating pressure on your back which is something that is really noticeable on this chair from Caravan Canopy. They have knocked this zero gravity chair out of the park with just how comfortable it is in my opinion.

This is because of the smooth reclining capabilities of this zero gravity chair that can be locked into any position. This is something that it shares in common with the Flamaker above but I find that Caravan Canopies model to be more smooth in its reclining capabilities.

The lock on this chair is very easy to use and holds really well with it being one of the more standout locks on the market in my opinion. The simple ring lock system allows you to just pull the lock down when you’re in the position you want and push it up when you’re done.

Easy To Transport

If you’ve ever been camping with a zero gravity chair I won’t need to convince you that most people get jealous when they see you. Taking this chair camping is really easy to do since it’s easy to fold down and doesn’t take up a lot of space only measuring 6.3″ wide when folded.

With the weight only being 18lbs does mean that it’s also very easy to carry making it an even better choice for camping. This is also useful for family gatherings at a park since it’s easy to transport which gives this chair a lot of versatility.

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair


Zero Gravity Chair For Short And Heavy People

Zero Gravity Chair For Short And Heavy People
When a company puts this much effort into designing their zero gravity chair you expect the results to be pretty special and in my opinion, Artist Hand has done this. Making this zero gravity chair one of the best on the market for short and heavy people out there who need the extra support.

The combination of the low seat height and the weight capacity of this zero gravity chair makes this one to really consider in my opinion. First, the lower seat height of 13″ makes it one of the lower heights on the market which will be beneficial for shorter people.

Made For Heavier People

Artist Hand designing this chair with an impressive weight capacity of 350lbs is one of the things that really stands out for me. Giving heavier people peace of mind when they’re sitting on it but also good for parents who know their kids won’t be able to help themselves, and jump all over the chair while you’re on it.

One thing that always gets overlooked when a company designs something for heavy people which is how wide is it? Most just add a good weight capacity and call it a day. This is why I really like that this chair has 2 different size options with the larger one measuring 22.83″ wide for the seat.

Tough Chair For Harsh Climates

While the steel frame is impressive with just how strong it is, it’s the powder-coating on it that really gives it the protection this chair needs. Combined with the UV resistant mesh and you have one of the most durable zero gravity chairs for short and heavy people on the market in my opinion.

Heavy Duty Outdoor Folding Lounge Chairs


Outdoor Lounging Chair For Short People

Outdoor Lounging Chair For Short People
I really like how Jummico has gone with a really simple design with this set of 2 zero gravity outside chairs. Why do I like this you ask? This is because by keeping it simple they have nailed the important parts of these chairs and haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel which can lead to some horrible design choices.

Some might take this simple design as a bad thing but I disagree as it has a lot of the features you need and is fairly durable with its 280lbs weight capacity. While it’s not as impressive as the model above it’s still stronger than a lot of the other zero gravity chairs on the market.

It has an impressive 170° range of reclining capabilities making it having one of the largest offerings I’ve seen. This works really well with the reclining motion and easy to use locking mechanism which makes relaxing that much easier to do in my opinion.

Getting The Small Things Right

One thing I’ve always been a fan of is getting the small things right as a lot of small issues can lead to something bigger. So something as simple as no assembly required with these zero gravity chairs is something that I really appreciate since you can use them as soon as you get them.

It has a very easy to use locking mechanism which is a knob attached to the side of the chair. Move it clockwise to tighten it and anticlockwise to loosen it making it very simple to do with the lock holding in place extremely well.

Folding Chair Lawn Lounge Chair


Pool Chair For Someone 5 Feet Tall?

Pool Chairs For Short People
FDW has put a lot of manufacturers on warning with these excellent zero gravity chairs that make for excellent pool chairs for someone under 5-feet tall. This is impressive since a lot of chairs for shorter people really struggle with helping someone who is under 5-feet tall so this is something that really stood out to me.

One thing that does happen with some zero gravity chairs is that when you sit on them and go to lean back they will move way too quickly for most people. So I really like how FDW has made these chairs in such a way that it only reclines gently which is not only safer but also better for your back since there are no sudden movements.

While there is no assembly required these chairs still do come with instructions on how to fold them and lock them into position. This is something that’s a small touch but something that I really appreciate since some I know some people can find locking these types of chairs overwhelming.

Poolside Chairs You Can Relax On

While most zero gravity chairs do use mesh for there fabric which does make them breathe really well, I find that it’s much more noticeable on these models from FDW. Making these a great choice when you’re in the hotter months as they breathe really well keeping you cool.

Folding these chairs up is really simple and they don’t take up a lot of room when folded which is great for those who lack space on the back patio. You’re able to easily fold them down and store them for when you need more space on your patio.

Reclining Folding Chairs


What To Look For When Buying A Zero Gravity Chair

There are a number of things you need to consider before buying your zero gravity chair which if you don’t, it might end up costing you more money so it’s well worth learning these important tips. This is even more important in this day and age since there are a lot of them on the market which makes it difficult to find the right one for you.

One of the first things you need to consider is it actually a zero gravity chair? There are a lot of models on the market that don’t have enough reclining positions to actually make it a zero gravity chair. So this is something that you should consider first when looking into zero gravity chairs.

Cheap, But Is The Chair Heavy-Duty?

The toughness of your zero gravity chair can make a big difference in not only keeping you safe but also saving you money. Most people will be using their zero gravity chairs when they’re outside such as camping or near the pool. This means they need to be able to handle the external elements to make them more durable.

Most zero gravity chairs will have a powder coating on the metal parts which will help keep them rust-free. This is one of the most important things your zero gravity chair will need as it will make it last a lot longer which means saving you from having to replace it.

Locking Mechanisms Can Differentiate The Quality Chairs

One of the most important features of a zero gravity chair is the locking mechanism. This will help keep the chair in a locked position making you more comfortable and safe. While there are two types of locks (Double/Single) in most cases it’s better to go with the double lock since it’s safer.

Useful Accessories

Bonus accessories can make a decent zero gravity chair into an excellent one in my opinion. The simple additions of cupholders, side trays, and headrests make it much easier to relax.

What Type Of Fabric Is Used On Zero Gravity ChairsMaterials Used On Zero gravity chair fabric

There are a number of different types of fabrics that companies will use on a zero gravity chair. But the most important thing to look for is that it’s UV resistant so it can help prevent the sun from making it brittle. If you ever need to replace the fabric on your chair, one of the common replacement material is Tessfabric Cloth Fabric which can be bought from most major online stores.

Do Zero Gravity Chairs Have A Weight Capacity

Are you a heavy person? or will a heavy person be using your chair? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you can’t afford to ignore the weight capacity of a zero gravity chair. Owning a chair with a high weight capacity will help with giving people peace of mind when sitting on the chair.


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