Power Recliners For Short People

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Power Recliners For Short People Lift

Having the ability to recline on a chair is one of the greatest features a chair can have that is often unusable by shorter people since they normally require you to use your feet and push off the ground. Thankfully this is where power recliners for short people come into play.

By adding power to the reclining feature no longer will your shorter stature be an issue when it comes to you wanting to relax after a tough day at work. The power of the chair will do it for you giving you the ultimate comfort that will make it difficult for you to want to get out of your chair!

I wanted to take this a little further with this and try and find some of the best power recliners for shorter people that will actually allow for you to have your feet on the ground(when possible) without feeling like you’re sitting in a giants seat.

This buyer’s guide will have not only the information to help you make an informed decision but the right decision based on your individual needs. With that in mind, it’s time to find out just what some of the best power recliners for short people are.

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Low Seat Recliner For Someone 5′

18″ Seat Height

Low Seat Recliner For Someone 5'

It’s hard not to feel like you’ve gone with the top of the line when you go with this amazing power reclining chair from Merax who has really outdone themselves with this chair. It has an excellent number of features that when all combined make for one of the best chairs on the market in my opinion.

One thing that I really like about this recliner is that they filled it with a high-density foam which is more important than you might think. High-density foam is not only comfortable but it also holds its shape for longer periods of time so you will get less sag with this recliner.

Amazing Features For Your Comfort

When you sit in a recliner the goal is comfort in my opinion, so the extra features that Merax has added to this chair tell me they understand this as well. This chair has an incredible heating function that makes it great in the colder months and you’re looking to warm up!

But the feature that I think really stands out and takes the comfort of this power recliner to a whole other level is the massager. Nothing beats coming home from a hard day’s work and sitting in your favorite chair and getting a massage from it, this alone makes this chair the king of comfort.

One thing about the massaging aspect of this chair is that it has 8 different levels to it. So there is a level to suit practically anyone in my opinion.

Something To Consider

While this is a power recliner it’s not the type of power recliner you might be thinking of. The power of this recliner goes into the heating and massaging features and not the reclining itself. This might be a dealbreaker for you which I can understand but the comfort of this chair does make up for this in my opinion.

Merax Recliner Chair Massage Heated


19″ Seat Height Recliner For Short Person

Recliner For Short Person

When it comes to stylish power recliners it’s difficult to ignore the style of this excellent recliner from ANJ. The stylish black leather really makes it stand out and will have guests asking where can they get there own. Tho this recliner is more than just style and offers great comfort and features.

The reclining system in this chair really stands out and is really easy to use with it be surprisingly quiet when in operation which works wonders when watching a movie or tv show. It only has two buttons so anyone is able to operate it and you don’t need an engineering degree just to figure out how to recline.

I was expecting this recliner to get a little on the warmer side thanks to the fabric being faux leather. But the overstuffed padding breathes really well that this doesn’t become much of an issue in most cases with only the more extreme conditions being an issue.

Packed WIth Quality Of Life Features

With the number of features that ANJ has packed into this, there is bound to be something that will increase your quality of life. The two cupholders are really the most basic of features that these recliners have which already make a world of difference when relaxing.

Having a total of 3 USB charging ports is something that I first thought was a little overkill until you realize just how much of our electronics require a USB to charge. This ends up being an extremely useful feature for those who are really into there electronics when they’re trying to relax.

The amount of USB charging ports works really well with the storage room this recliner has. Under each armrest, there is a storage spot so you can keep your essentials close by like your phone, tablet, or remote control for your television.

ANJ Electric Power Recliner Chair with Cup Holders


Power Motion Recliner For Petite Person

19″ Seat Height

Power Motion Recliner For Petite Person

Christopher Knight Home has a reputation for making some of the best home furniture on the market which is impressive when you consider the number of companies on the market. This isn’t just talking when it comes to Christopher Knight Home as you will see with this excellent power recliner.

Reclining on this chair works really well as it’s a gentle recline and not jagged like some recliners can be. This works really well with just how far back you can take this chair with it almost being able to go back into a full laying down position. Reclining so far back works well for those who like to take naps on your recliners.

One thing I have noticed with it reclining so far back is that while it’s not a wall hugger it can still be fairly close to the wall. It only needs about 12″ of room between it and the wall and that’s being a little on the safe side but this is something I like.

Made From Quality Materials

With this model being made from microfiber allows it to not only be comfortable against your skin but also more durable. This was a smart move on Christopher Knight Home’s part, as it allows this chair to last even longer which is something that really stood out to me.

Great Bonus Features

While it might not have as many features as the models above it still provides you with a few great quality of life improvements. One of the biggest differences is that this model only has one USB charging port which won’t make a big difference to a lot of people but it was noticeable the lack of them.

It does also have the added features of 2 cupholders and the storage underneath both armrests. So it’s only a little behind in terms of features but nothing I’d consider a dealbreaker unless you absolutely require more USB ports.

Christopher Knight Home Emersyn Tufted Microfiber Power Recliner


19.5″ Wall Hugger Power Recliner

Wall Hugger Power Recliner

Domesis understands that not everyone is looking for a recliner that’s just plain old black and that some people out there want something a bit different. Which is why they went out of there way when they designed this power recliner and offer it in 5 different colors that range from a red to a lighter blue.

The first thing you will notice about this recliner is that it’s a wall hugger which will be good news for people who don’t like a lot of space behind their chairs. Being a wall hugger means you can have this recliner right up near the wall since when it reclines the chair doesn’t lean back and more goes down and forwards.

When you have this chair fully reclined you have an impressive length of 65″ which will work really well for most people in my opinion. I do wish the seat height of 19.5″ was a little lower to be more accomodating for shorter people tho.

Reclines Smoothly

One of the biggest issues that can occur with power recliners is that when they’re going back they can start and stop which can cause some serious back issues. This is why I really like the mechanism in this recliner as it moves in a very gentle and smooth motion that is comfortable.

Made Of The Right Materials

I mentioned it on one of the models above but the best foam a reclining chair can be made from is high-density. I’m glad Domesis made the smart decision and has made sure that this recliner has been made with it making comfortable and help keep its shape.

What Features Does This Wall Hugger Have?

  • It has 1 USB port to charge phones and tablets
  • Simple to operate 2 button reclining system
  • Offers 300lbs of weight capacity
  • 4″ of clearance is all these wall hugger needs
Reclining Chair with USB Port


Swivel Glider For Short People

19.25″ Seat To Floor Height

Swivel Glider For Short People

There is a lot to love about this amazing swivel glider from Babyletto who has made some very intelligent design decisions with this recliner. It’s a great combination of style and comfort that is hard to match thanks to the classic grey tweed design that will work in most room designs.

Being a wingback design does mean that this recliner is wider around the backrest which does work well if you have a bit of extra weight on you. Tho having extra space when you’re relaxing and reclining can make a difference when you’re trying to take nap and don’t want to feel closed in.

Stand Out Feature

What sets this recliner apart from the others on this list is the fact that it’s a swivel recliner. This means that this chair is able to turn on the spot which helps you get the perfect angle when you’re trying to watch television or get some more light when you’re trying to read.

The swivel ends up being an excellent quality of life feature which is something a lot of people don’t take advantage of. The subtle adjustments to your position can make a big difference when it comes to a range of things and once you’ve gone with a swivel it’s hard to go back non-swivel recliners.

Gliding Is Great

Having the ability to glide with this chair really takes its versatility to a whole new level that a lot of other chairs just can’t match. Being able to glide forwards and backward when in its upright position is extremely comfortable. It’s something that people who have newborns use to help get them to sleep and if it can get them to sleep imagine what it will do for you!

Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner and Swivel Glider


Power Lift Chairs For Short People

Power Lift Chairs For Short People

There are a lot of useful features when it comes to powered recliners and when a company adds the ability to lift to them as well you know they’re thinking about everyone. Homegear has added the ability to lift with this recliner that will make it useful for a number of people which gives it a lot of versatility.

A lot of people think having a lift chair is just for seniors which is something I can understand them thinking. I know I’m not alone with coming home from a hard day’s work and your joints are feeling rough and trying to get out of a chair is difficult. This is where the lift feature is really useful since this is a lot of people and not just seniors.

Now you combine this excellent lifting feature and go the other way and you have an excellent recliner combined into one. Turning this chair into your favorite that you will love when you get home from work and just want to relax.

Useful Features

While this recliner might lack some of the more fancy features like a USB port it still does have some useful aspects. There are two useful pockets, one on either side of the chair, that can help you keep everything you will need within arms reach so you don’t have to get up.

One thing that I really like is that this chair is reclines with the help of control and not hidden buttons like so many others. It will help with preventing any accidental reclining or lifting that could potentially happen with a button next to your thigh.

Awesome Recliner For Short & Heavy People

Who would have thought sitting in a recliner could be dangerous but it’s a possibility of injuring yourself when sitting in a recliner. This is why I really like the anti-tipping system in this recliner that is protected up to an incredibly 440lbs keeping most people who use this chair safe.

Homegear Microfiber Power Lift Recliner Chair


19″Seat Height Lift Chair

If you’re in the market for a top of the line, feature-packed recliner/ lifting chair then I think you might have just found a great option from Esright. This excellent chair has a lot of amazing features that make it really stand out from the rest of the chairs on the market.

Like the model above this recliner also has the excellent ability to be used as a lifter which gives it the versatility I mentioned. This model from Esright does offer more padding which does make it more comfortable to sit on in my opinion.

One thing that you will really like about this recliner is the motor itself which stands out for not standing out. It runs very quietly when you’re using it to recline which is something that’s always appreciated.

Outstanding Features

It’s hard to ignore a reclining chair that has heated vibration that can target 4 different areas of the body. Just by reading that sentence, your muscles have already started to relax which is exactly what this chair does with its 5 settings it can be changed to.

The combination of these two features really does stand out when most of the other models lack these features. You might think since it has these features that it might not have a USB charging port but it does have one which is a nice plus.

Easy To Clean

Something that always surprises me is the number of people who don’t actually clean their recliners or chairs in general. Thankfully cleaning this chair is made easy thanks to the fabric being dirt resistant which makes it more difficult to get dirty and easier to clean.

Esright Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner


Manual Vs Power Recline Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of power and manual recliners can help inform you about what is the best choice for your situation and needs. This is why it’s important that you learn what these are it can help save you money in the long run even if it might mean spending a bit more upfront.

The Pros And Cons Of Power Recliners

When it comes to power recliners there are a number of advantages that do make them very hard to pass up in my opinion. One of the most obvious things it that since they don’t require much physical effort to move they’re great for those who have injuries or are older in years.

They also usually have more positions you can recline to which helps with getting more comfortable. Combine this with a longer lifespan they have from the mechanism inside being electrical instead of mechanical you will usually end up having a powered model for longer compared to a manual unit.

The downsides on the other hand really come to do money in my opinion, with them having a higher upfront cost. If something does break down on them it can cost a lot to fix which is an issue for a lot of people out there.

Manual Pros And Cons

The biggest pro of a manual recliner is that they’re substantially cheaper than a powered unit. They’re also much cheaper to repair when they do breakdown which does help with some of the cons of a powered model.

One of the biggest issues that face a manual recliner is often the reclining mechanism inside doesn’t last as long since it does a lot of the work. This gives manual recliners a shorter lifespan and can end up costing you more with all the repairs that might happen.

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