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Best Elliptical Trainers For Short PeopleFor the most part, a shorter person can adapt to most ‘regular’ sized equipment, but when it comes to ellipticals for short people, adapting is almost impossible.

A short person needs a shorter stride, otherwise, it’s near on impossible to get a natural and comfortable stride in while working out, not to mention it can be dangerous.

What I’ve also found for many items us shorter folk can use, is that it tends to be cheaper. This is because more often than not, the things we buy are more compact in size. Using fewer materials to build means a lower price tag for us, typically speaking.

While this is not always the case as quality always costs more, I have sourced out 6 of the best elliptical trainers for short people. Along with an accompanying guide to buying an elliptical for the first-timer. These 6 elliptical machines have been chosen based on their stride length as this is one of the key factors to consider when you are close to 5 feet tall. But as there is no such thing as ‘The Best’, one model suits all, I have listed a variety of models and styles to cater to a greater audience.


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Features Stride Price
20 Programs, 15 LB Flywheel, 5" Backlit Display, 5 Position Incline Ramp up to 20 degrees, iFit compatible Adjustable 17"-19" Check Price On Amazon
Full motion arm exercisers, 265 LB capacity, 16 Levels of Electro-Magnetic resistance, Pulse and performance monitor for tracking data 15.75" Check Price On Amazon
Compact design with 8 intensity levels including 7 workout programs, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel 17.5" Check Price On Amazon
16 Levels of SMR silent magnetic resistance, 330 LB capacity, EKG Pulse grips, Hybrid Recumbent & Elliptical 15" Check Price On Amazon
285 LB Capacity, Short Stride, 8 Levels of magnetic resistance, floor stabilizers, wheels, non slip pedal 13.5" Check Price On Amazon
Front Drive Design, IFit ready, large LCD display, 12 resistance levels & workout apps, EKG heart rate monitor 17" Check Price On Amazon


What Size Stride Elliptical For Short Person

Being a short person and trying to find equipment for your workouts can be difficult since just about everything is designed for the average height individuals. This is why you ask these important questions like what size stride elliptical for a short person and finding the answer is essential.

If you don’t select the right sized stride then your workouts will be uncomfortable which will really hurt your motivation during your workouts. It can also lead to you injuring yourself if you go with something that’s too large which can stop you from doing your workout.

For most short people who are 5’3″ and under you will be looking for a stride that is between 15″ and 18 inches which will be the most comfortable. If you go smaller then 15″ then the machine strides will be less effective and choppy when you are using them. This can lead to injury when using which is something we don’t want. You will also find that the majority of less than 15-inch stride ellipticals are on the cheaper side.

Best Adjustable Stride Length Elliptical

Stride: 17″-19″

Best Adjustable Stride Length Elliptical
When it comes to elliptical machines it’s very hard to go past this incredible machine by NordicTrack. It offers quality of life features on top of an already incredible machine that will make your next workout a lot more enjoyable.

As we know the strides on an elliptical machine are important and they need to have a good range to suit a number of people. Thankfully this machine is an adjustable one which means it can go from 17 inches to 19 inches which will suit a wide variety of people. If you’re a short person, the 17-inch stride is about where most people will find it a natural length.

Not all elliptical machines have the ability to pedal backward which is a shame since it’s a useful function. This machine does come with this ability which I find adds a lot of value to the overall machine. This is because you’re able to work out different muscle groups with just one machine.

The Extra Features I Admire

This elliptical is one of those kinds of products that has a number of small features that when you add them altogether, makes the value for money quite substantial. The smaller things like the water bottle holder and iPad/tablet holder are useful in a lot of people’s day to day routines. Being able to sit your iPad on the machine is useful if you can’t set the machine up in front of the tv like a lot of people like to.

You can also connect your phone via an auxiliary port which is great for listening to music when you work out. One extra feature that I like on top of this is that the display is backlit so you can easily read what’s on it. Tho the display itself is a little basic but this just keeps it simple and easy to use in my opinion.

The sheer number of different workout programs and resistant levels this machine offers is incredible. It has up to 20 different workout modes which can either be calorie-burning or performance, and it has a few timed programs as well.

NordicTrack E 7.5 Z Elliptical


Best Elliptical Trainer For Short Person

Stride: 15.75″

Best Elliptical Trainer For Short Person
Sunny Health & Fitness has gone out of there way to make an incredible elliptical machine that’s designed to give you an excellent workout. It offers a lot of different exercise functions and some great design choices that will allow you to keep a closer eye on your workouts.

For one of these pieces of equipment to be great for a short person, the stride needs to a shorter. Thankfully this elliptical machine has a stride of just 15.75 inches which will work for most shorter people.

One thing that I really like about this machine is that it has a variety of different workout modes and exercise presets. It’s 7 impressive workout modes and 24 exercise presets offer a large variety of modes to suit most people’s capabilities.

An Elliptical Machine That Works Without Power!

Without a doubt, the worst thing about some elliptical machines is that when you lose power you can’t really use them. That’s not the case with this excellent machine that remembers your last setting before being turned off. So you can use it without electricity which is something that makes this machine incredible value, not something you can do on a treadmill now is it?

Keeps Track Of Your Performance

This elliptical machine allows you to easily track your performance when using the machine. It can track up 7 different things such as distance, speed, and calories burned when you’re using it so you can tell how hard you’re working out. This is great information to have when using as it can help motivate you when you’re using it.

In the handles of this machine, it has a pulse monitor so that you’re easily able to tell what your heart rate is. You just need to simply use the grips when you’re workout to get an accurate reading. This is something I really like since as I mentioned earlier, it can help keep the motivation up seeing your heart pumping.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Machine


High-Quality Elliptical Machine For Short Legs

17.5″ Stride

Elliptical Machine For Short Legs
Schwinn is known for making quality exercise equipment and the brand continues this trend when it comes to elliptical machines like this A40. The A40 elliptical machine has an excellent design that allows it to not only be smooth when using but also very quiet. With a 17.5″ stride, the A40 fits nicely in the perfect zone for shorter people.

The way that they designed the handgrips for the heart rate monitor surprised me at first. They put them just under the display which you might think is uncomfortable when using. This isn’t the case since they were designed to be ergonomic, so they’re surprisingly comfortable to use. They’re positioned at a height suitable for a short person to be able to reach also, which is a bonus.

For Short People Wanting Intense Workouts

Having the option to set the machine to different workout programs is a big advantage, so having 7 presets as this unit has is useful. This makes it great for beginners and people who have plenty of experience using an elliptical machine.

When you combine the 7 presets with how it has 8 levels of resistance it does really make this excellent for those who want intense workouts with the option to diversify their routine. When you combine these two features together you get a machine that is very beneficial regardless of your fitness level.

The handlebars allow you to set them in one of two positions. You can set them to either be stationary or moving which can allow you to work out your upper body when you need to. This works really well with how comfortable the handlebars themselves are which makes working out that little bit more comfortable.

Compact Elliptical Design For The Petite Person

Something that can be an issue with these elliptical machines is that they’re fairly large and bulky and take up space. This machine is a decent size but in my opinion, it doesn’t take a lot of room with it measuring 53.8 inches long by 24 inches wide. It does only weigh 104.9 lbs which is fairly small for an elliptical machine so it’s easier to move.

Schwinn Compact Elliptical Machine


Best Hybrid Trainer For Short People

15″ Stride

Best Hybrid Trainer For Short People
There is a lot to like about this hybrid elliptical machine from ProForm. With it being a hybrid machine, it adds a lot more versatility to your workouts which can help in working out a number of different muscles. So if you’re looking for a more intense workout then going with this hybrid is a good option.

Best For Short & Heavy People

But its the 15″ stride that’s magical for the short people. Considering this machine doubles up as a recumbent as well as an elliptical, the 15-inch stride will prove especially beneficial to people close to 5′. The high weight capacity of 330 pounds makes this elliptical the best for short and heavy people features on this list.

When you use this elliptical machine in its bike form it’s really comfortable and easy to sit on. This is more important then you may think since you can be using this machine for a while and being uncomfortable makes it harder to use. This extra comf0rt makes it easier to use this machine for a longer time resulting in a more productive workout.

It offers a good number of different resistant levels which is important for a machine like this. It has an impressive 16 digital resistance levels to give you a very versatile workout and allows you to make it more intense when you need to be. It’s also very quiet thanks to it having a silent magnetic resistance system which helps to keep the noise down even at higher resistance.

Use It Anytime

The electronics on this machine does require 4 D batteries since there is no AC adapter. Some people won’t like this and prefer the adapter compared to batteries. Thankfully ProForm made the smart design choice that even if you don’t have batteries in it you can still use the elliptical machine. You just can’t use the display features.

Easy To Move

There is no secret that elliptical machines can get in the way and a lot of the times you need to move them before using. This machine makes this easier since it has wheels at the front which makes it very easy to move. This is really useful if you plan on storing this machine somewhere then need to bring it out when you need it.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer


Elliptical Trainers For People Under 5′

Stride: 13.5″

Elliptical Trainers For People Under 5'
Sunny Health & Fitness is back with another impressive elliptical machine for short people. This elliptical machine is excellent for the really short out there thanks to its stride being 13.5 inches. Thankfully it offers more than just a smaller stride otherwise I wouldn’t have put it on this list.

It has the full range of features that will keep you informed on just how well your workout is going and if you need to tone it down a bit or pick it up. Being able to keep track of these things really helps keep you motivated and helps make you push yourself to work harder in my opinion.

If you like to watch tv when you workout but having this machine in the tv room is impossible. This machine has an iPad holder so you can stream or even have a book sit there to make working out more enjoyable.

A Full Body Workout

Getting a full-body workout is important and one of the big advantages of an elliptical machine. This continues with this machine and its full motion handlebars that help with getting the full-body workout. Combine this with the 8 different levels of resistance training makes this an intense workout.

Safety Is A High Priority With This Machine

Using an elliptical machine can be more dangerous then you may think especially if you’ve been working out for a long time. Sweat can drop and get on the pedals and the next minute you slip off and injure yourself. They included slip-resistant pedals and sweat-resistant handles to help combat this and making it very safe.

They added some levelers to the bottom of this machine which means if the ground is a little uneven you can still have it level. This works really well with keeping this machine from falling over when you’re in the middle of an intense workout. This adds to the safety of the machine which will give you peace of mind when using it.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Compact


Front Drive Elliptical For Shorter People

17-Inch Stride Length

Front Drive Elliptical For Shorter People
ProForm has got a reputation to make excellent exercise equipment that won’t break the bank and this continues with this 150I elliptical machine. While it’s not going to beat a several thousand dollar professional gym quality elliptical, it will still make an excellent addition to your home and get the job done.

You will get an intense workout with this machine since it has 12 different resistance levels. These range from your first time ever using one of these machines to and much harder workout than more experienced users need. This gives it a lot of versatility for users and will suit most people.

Why You Will Like This Machine

The small things like this having a large LCD display, water bottle holder and how it’s compatible with iPod audio. When you combined these all together this elliptical machine is really impressive for what it does. It’s the small things that this machine gets right that makes it an easy recommendation.

Thankfully ProForm has made this elliptical machine with safety and stability in mind. I’m a big fan of having adjustable feet so you can level the elliptical machine when you’re not on a flat surface.

Moving this machine is easy and they did some clever design choices with it. Since it’s a front-drive design and the wheels are at the front means to move it you lift it from the back where it’s lighter. Unlike a lot of other machines where you have to lift it where all the gears are which makes it difficult.

A Great Stride Length For Short People

The stride length is 17 inches which is great for most shorter people. Having this stride length offers a good amount of wriggle room when it comes to how tall you are. If you’re roughly 5 foot tall this stride length will make the work out a bit more intense which can be a positive if that’s what you’re looking for.

ProForm 150I Elliptical


Alternative Equipment For Short People

Benefits Of An Adjustable Stride

There are a good amount of benefits that come from having an adjustable stride on your elliptical machine and something that you should consider as they can benefit you greatly. By going with the option of an adjustable stride will give you some advantages in your workouts which can help improve how well they work.

One of the biggest benefits of going with an adjustable stride is that it allows the machine to be used by people of varying heights. So someone who is 5’1″ can use it while someone who is 6 foot can then use it once they adjust the stride. This is useful if you’re in a situation where multiple people will be using the machine.

If you’re the only person using the elliptical machine then having an adjustable stride will still offer you a great advantage. By adjusting the stride you can increase the difficulty of your workouts and help work out different muscles which are a great plus.

So by having these two big benefits, it’s hard to pass up the idea of going with an adjustable stride machine. Being able to work out those different muscles with one machine is useful since you don’t need to do multiple different workouts or need different machines.

Why Stride Length Is So Important

While I did mention it very briefly above about why getting the right sized stride for your elliptical machine is important, I felt it was important to go a little more in-depth on it. Since the point of an elliptical machine is to mimic how you walk and handle your natural stride, getting this stride measurement right is important.

If you get the stride wrong it can lead to the movement in your natural stride to be very choppy. As a result of shortening your stride, it can lead to you pulling a muscle or worse. However, on the other end of the spectrum, a short person using a much larger stride will be uncomfortable when using the machine. While this is not necessarily recommended either,  it can lead to a more intense muscle workout.

How To Measure Your Stride Length

Measuring your stride length is important and something you should know before going in and buying an elliptical machine. Thankfully it’s a very easy process that is very easy to do and you only need a few things to do it. You will need two pens, a measuring tape, and a calculator.

What you will want to do is give yourself some space and put a pen in front of your toes and walk or run 10 steps and put the other pen in front of your toes where you stop. Then you will want to measure how far the distance between the pens are and divide the distance by 10 to get your average stride length.


The Types Of Ellipticals

Ellipticals are divided into four main groups with them all doing something a little different from the others. A front-drive elliptical is one of the more common typer you will find and are very budget-friendly in most cases.

Then there are center-drive ellipticals which are the new kids on the block with its drive system being in the center. The last two types are the more expensive models rear-drive and hybrid ellipticals.

The hybrid ellipticals, in particular, offer some unique functions with how it offers a stationary bike style function. This can usually be adjusted in most cases which can make for a very interesting machine.


Benefits Of Elliptical Over Treadmill

Ellipticals and treadmills are both very great machines that offer some similar workouts which is why they’re often compared. They both have there own advantages that times can make them hard to compare and to say which is better since what you might want in a workout could be different.

There are a few benefits that the elliptical machine offers that do make it have some good advantages over a treadmill. Something as simple as an elliptical machine is safer than a treadmill since you don’t have to remove your feet off it. This gives you less chance of a misstep and injuring yourself.

In my opinion, the best and biggest advantage of an elliptical machine over a treadmill is how low the impact the elliptical machine is. This makes it a lot easier on your joints that usually come with things like jogging and running which is a big plus in my eyes.

A treadmill is great at working out your legs and lower abdomen but so is an elliptical machine. The elliptical machine also has the possibility of being a full-body workout if you use the handles at the same time. This does make your workout more intense and help you achieve results quicker.

Having to do routine maintenance on a treadmill is one of the biggest downsides to them in my opinion. While you still have to do maintenance on an elliptical machine it ends up being far less compared to a treadmill. This is a big selling point for a lot of people since maintenance can be frustrating.



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