Camping Chairs For Short People

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Best Camping Chairs Short PeopleWith the vast amount of folding chairs on the market, its no wonder that camping chairs for short people are difficult to find. As the majority of chairs are designed to suit average height people, anyone that is 5′ has a hard time finding a low profile camp chair.

A short person can adapt to most products, but one thing that is challenging, in general, is finding a chair that you don’t need a step stool to get onto. This is especially important when you’re camping, as space is limited. Why pack a step stool just to climb into a regular size camp chair when you can get a low profile variety instead.

With the chairs below, you can expect to find chairs with seat heights slightly lower than your average height chair. Regular camp chairs have a seat height between 18″ and 20″, but with the options listed below, you can expect to find significantly lower seat heights.

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The Shorts Persons Rocking Chair

Shorts Persons Rocking Chair
There is a lot to like about this excellent rocking camping chair from GCI Outdoor who I believe has made one of the best camping chairs on the market. There are quite a few reasons why this camping chair is deserving of its spot on your next camping trip with its comfort being one of the best.

The first thing that you notice about this camping chair is that it has the capability to rock. By including this feature GCI Outdoor has made this camping chair extremely comfortable to relax on. Sitting around a campfire while rocking is one of the most relaxing things in my opinion.

Useful Bonus Feature

One thing that I really like about this camping chair is that it includes a drink holder that attaches to the front of the chair. Most chairs have the drink holder on the armrest which can actually get in the way, so I really like where they attached the drink holder on this chair.

Perfect For Shorter People

Being a short person has some issues that a lot of people don’t really think about when they go camping. Trying to relax on a camping chair that is too large makes it uncomfortable which is why it’s important to get one that is the right size.

The seat height of this chair measures 14.8″ off the ground making it easy for your legs to touch the ground which is more comfortable and better for your overall posture. This makes a bigger difference to your comfort then you might realize and is one of the best ways to make your next trip more enjoyable.

GCI Outdoor FirePit Rocker


Prefer To Sit Lower To The Ground?

low profile camping chair
Cascade Mountain Tech should be happy with the work they’ve done when they were designing this camping chair as it is excellent for the shorter people out there. It’s one of the more compact camping chairs on the market so it works really well if you’re trying to keep the space down.

I really like just how compact this camping chair is, no matter if you have it folded up or out to sit on. When you have it folded up it only takes up 26″ high by 8″ making it easily fit into a smaller space inside your vehicle or garage when storing it. Unfolded it measures 21″ high by 20″ wide so it won’t take up a lot of room at the campsite.

Easy To Transport

Cascade Mountain Tech made the frame out of aluminum which is extremely lightweight which makes it easy to carry. It only weighs 2.2lbs so almost anybody should be able to carry this camping chair which is a big plus to me.

Low Profile For Shorter People

If you’ve never used a low profile chair and you’re a short person then your in for a treat in my opinion. Since they’re closer to the ground you don’t have the usual issues that come with the standard camping chairs that are too big for you.

Being a low profile camping chair does mean that you’re only going to be about 9″ off the ground. This makes getting into the chair extremely easy and the armrests are sturdy enough that you can use them to help get you out of the chair if you’re struggling a bit.

Low Profile Outdoor Folding Camp Chair


The ‘Guru’ Chair 16″ Seat Height

16" Seat Height
With a name like Strongback, you won’t be surprised to know that this camping chair is extremely tough and is perfect for handling the ruggedness of camping. So if want something that is a bit tougher on your next camping trip then this Strongback is a great option in my opinion.

I really like that this camping chair was designed with a durable steel frame to give it that added strength. This is a big part of the reason this camping chair is so durable in my opinion. It gives it a high weight capacity of 300lbs so it will work for some of the slightly heavier people out there.

Specifically Designed For Short People

While I really like how tough this camping chair is, it’s the fact its been designed for shorter people is something that really stands out. There aren’t a lot of camping chairs that have been designed specifically for people who are 5’8″ and under.

Since it has been designed for shorter people they have been able to increase the comfort of this chair if you’re a short person. The clever design allows for your hips and back to be aligned which makes this one of the most ergonomic camping chairs for shorter people on the market.

Tough But Lightweight

Having to carry your camping chair around your campsite or having to carry it to the campsite can be a difficult experience at times. When you fold this camping chair up and put it in its carry case that can be worn like a backpack it’s much easier to carry thanks to it only weighing 10.5lbs.

Guru Folding Camp Chair with Lumbar Support


GCI Camping Chair With Sidetable

Camping Chair With Sidetable
By adding simple and useful features you’re able to turn your average camping chair into one of the better models on the market which is exactly what GCI Outdoor has done here. They have added a couple of simple features that really increase the quality of life of using this camping chair in my opinion.

I really like the width of this camping chair when you have it unfolded to sit on it. It offers a good amount of space with it measuring around 21.1″ which gives you a good amount of room.

Simple Features Stand Out

One of the features that really stand out with this camping chair is the added table that sits on the side of the camping chair. I really like the simple addition of this table since it does make relaxing easier since you can set things on them so you don’t have to get up to get them!

GCI Outdoor also included a cup holder on the table tray which just increase the quality of life improvement. It’s not the biggest thing but it’s something that makes life more comfortable when camping so I really like it.

Lower Profile For Your Needs

I’ve mentioned the benefits of going with a low profile camping chair if you’re a shorter person, and I will keep saying it since it’s so important. The seat of this chair measures 12″ off the ground which is a little higher than your standard low profile camping chairs, but I like this height as it’s easy to get out of the chair.

Low-Height Backpack Event Chair and Table


Prefer A Well Padded Camp Chair?

It’s hard to ignore this camping chair by GigaTent considering just how bright some of there 4 different designs are. They’re a great way of standing out and making your next camping trip a little bit more fun, but thankfully there is more to these camping chairs then just how bright they are!

One thing that I really like about this camping chair is the comfort of it is really high thanks to a clever design choice. They have actually added padding to this camping chair which makes it extremely comfortable to sit in which is something that I really like.

Made Of High Quality Materials

When it comes to camping chairs a lot of people don’t really take note of what the chair has been made out of, especially when it comes to the fabric part of the chair. GigaTent has made the fabric out of a 600D polyester material that is tough that will help prevent rips in this camping chair.

They went with a steel frame to help with the strength of the camping chair tho it only has a 250lbs weight capacity compared to the Strongback. But personally, I still find the 250lbs weight capacity to be really good and certainly not a deal-breaker in my opinion.

Something To Consider For Shorter People

This chair is a fairly decent size chair when you have it fully up and if you’re around 5’4″ you might want to consider one of the other camping chairs on this list. So it might be a little bit too big for some of the really short people out there and is something to consider before purchasing.

Lightweight Collapsible Quad Padded Lawn Seat


Backpacking Chair For Short People

Backpacking Chair For Short People
There is a lot to like about this unique camping chair from Sportneer who has made some interesting design choices with it. They have somehow made it extremely lightweight, but also made it one of the toughest camping chairs for shorter on the market in my opinion.

Something that I really like is that when you fold it up you can easily attach it to your backpack. This makes it a great option for people who go backpack camping in my opinion.

Tough And Lightweight

I would like to see the magic that Sportneer did to make this camping chair so durable and lightweight. It’s made out of aluminum that helps keep the weight down to an impressive 2lbs making it easy to carry for most people in my opinion.

The thing that really stands out and impresses is how they managed to give it such an incredible weight capacity. It’s able to hold up to a maximum of 350lbs which is on the higher end for camping chairs.

A Little Different For A Camping Chair

The first thing you will notice about this camping chair is that it doesn’t fold like your standard camping chair. You put this camping chair together by connecting the poles to each other that are connected by a bungee cord which takes some getting used to.

While I don’t mind this unique design considering the strength and lightweight nature of this chair it can be off-putting for some people. Once you’ve set it up a few times and have gotten used to it, it won’t be that big of an issue but it’s something that’s worth considering beforehand.

Portable Ultralight Folding Camp Chair


Lowrider Camp Chair

Have you ever been camping and gone to sit on a camping chair and it started to sink in the ground because it was on some soft soil? If you answered yes to this question then this camping chair by GCI Outdoor is here to help you with this common and annoying problem.

One thing that I really like about this camping chair is the reclining capabilities of it. Being able to recline around the campfire is a great way to make everyone envious of you at the campsite and having people coming up to you asking where you got this chair!

Convenient Features Set It Apart

If you have never heard the term duck feet when it comes to camping chairs then you’ve been missing out. This style of feet for camping chairs have been designed to prevent sinking when you’re on soft soil and things similar which keeps you safer. This is one of its biggest advantages in my opinion.

While the duck feet are a great and useful feature there are some extra features that are both really useful. One of them is the standard drink holder that will always add some value to a camping chair in my opinion.

To increase the comfort of this camping chair they have included a useful pocket pillow for the chair. This allows you to always have a pillow when you’re sitting in this chair which increases your comfort quite a bit when you combine it with the reclining ability of this chair.

Low-Ride Reclining Camping Chair


Guide To Choosing a Camping Chair For A Short Person

This is why the Guru camp chair os one of the best camping chairs for short people. Watch this video review to find out more.

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