Manual Recliners For Short People

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Manual Recliners For Short PeopleOne of the best ways to relax is by sitting in your favorite chair and reclining but this is a difficult task for short people as finding size suitable chairs is challenging. But after much research, I was able to come up with this list of manual recliners for short people.

There are a lot of recliners on the market which all claim to be the best which can make it overwhelming when researching. But if they aren’t suitable for a short person, they are just not a feasible option.

Recliners offer a lot of advantages and a lot of people would love to go with the powered option but it’s no secret just how much they cost. This is one of the reasons that manual recliners are so important as they give you the same level of comfort just at a fraction of the price.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing which manual recliner is right for you and there is no simple answer since we all have our own individual wants and needs. This is why on this I have found a variety of different models that hopefully there will be one to suit your needs.

With that in mind, it’s time to find out just what the best manual recliners for short people really are with this buyer’s guide.

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Compare Recliners By Seat Height

Features Seat Height Price
Thickly padded seat and wide arms, Upholstered in a soft beige microfiber fabric, Adjustments are made easy with the smooth pushback mechanism 17.25" Check Price On Amazon
Massage Features, adjustable upgraded footrest, Compact design, high density foam for increased longevity 17.7" Check Price On Amazon
Footrest: Steel frame design leads to more stable; Freely adjustable angle of the footrest. 265 LB capacity, reclines from 90° - 165° 17.7" Check Price On Amazon
Remote controlled massage features, 350 LB capacity, ergonomic microfiber recliner features overstuffed padding for enhanced comfort 18" Check Price On Amazon
Upholstered in PU leather with wood frame, a classic look, while still keeping its clean lines and simple feel. 18" Check Price On Amazon
Deluxe recliner with heat and multiple massage points, 140° recline with 2 cup holders and side storage 18.9" Check Price On Amazon
Perfect for big people with a wide 21" seat and 450 LB capacity, easy-lean reclining function and pop-out leg rest 19" Check Price On Amazon
Power Lift Recliner.UL Approved Silent Lift Motor, Heated Vibration Massage & USB Outlet, Soft Fabric and Overstuffed Padding 19" Check Price On Amazon


Guide To Buying A Reclining Chair For A Shorter Person

Before running out and buying the first recliner that you find there are a number of things that you should consider before buying a recliner if you’re a short person. By learning what to look for you can help save yourself a lot of time and money which is something I think we can all appreciate.

Mistakes Short People Make When Buying A New Recliner

One of the biggest things I see when people buy recliners is they don’t consider a lot of the smaller things that often leave them worse off than before. Such as ignoring seat height and how good is the reclining mechanism can lead you to a bad time, which is something you want to avoid.

Thinking about what you need and what will suit your requirements is the best way to avoid making the wrong decision which can cost you a lot of time and money.

Seat Height Is Important

This should come as no surprise to any shorter person that is just how important is the height of the seat itself. There are a number of reasons this is an issue but the main one for a recliner is trying to actually recline the chair itself.

Some recliners require you to have your feet on the ground and push back which can be a problem for a lot of shorter people. So seat height is one of the first things you should consider before buying a new recliner if you want to save yourself a lot of headaches.

Unfortunately, most recliners have a seat height greater than 20 inches. At this height, a short person will certainly struggle to have their feet firmly planted on the ground. Ideally, you want a recliner that has a seat height lower than 20 inches.

Seat Length Is Often Ignored

Sadly, this is something that is often ignored and most people forget about when they’re getting a recliner. The length of the seat can make a big difference for a short person and can turn an amazing chair into something that is completely useless for you.

If the length of the seat is too long you’re going to end up in a situation where your legs won’t comfortable fit around the edge of the seat. This can cause a number of issues that are more serious than just being uncomfortable like restricting blood flow within the body.

What Type Of Reclining Mechanism Does The Chair Have?

There are a number of reclining mechanisms that can greatly affect how good a chair will be for your needs. By paying attention to what type of reclining mechanism your chair has can make a world of difference and can turn a potentially great recliner into something more average.

The main two types of reclining mechanisms are ones that have a lever and ones that you need to use pressure to get them to recline. Lever recliners are much better suited to shorter people since they don’t require a lot of force to get into there reclined positions.

However, you need to ensure the lever or handle is not too far down the side of the chair. Us shorter people typically have shorter arms, so the lever must be situated closer to the top of sidewall of the chair.

Avoid Manual Pushback Recliners

Recliners that require you to push back and use your feet on the ground as I mentioned before can be a big issue as some seat heights can be too high for some of us shorter folk. If the recliner has a lower seat height this won’t make to much of a difference but it’s something that’s worth considering. Just avoid push back recliners where the seat height is 20 inches o taller.

Manual Recliners For A Short Person

17.25″ Seat Height

Manual Recliners For A Short Person
Going with a very stylish and modern look, Dorel Living has designed an excellent manual recliner that is not only comfortable but great for shorter people. Dorel Living has got a lot right with this recliner that makes it well worth your time in considering if it’s right for you and your needs.

One of the key things for shorter people is how high the seat is off the ground as if it’s too high it can be uncomfortable to sit on. When designing this recliner they did keep this in mind with the seat height being a low 17.25″ making work well for shorter people.

So Comfortable You’ll Fall Asleep In It

Comfort is a crucial component to a reclining chair as it’s meant to make you relax and if it can’t do that it’s not very good. Thankfully, Dorel Living went with thicker padding that then they covered in a microfiber fabric that feels great against the skin.

Combine this with the tall back design to give your back added support, this manual recliner is extremely comfortable. You won’t be surprised when you end up falling asleep in this incredibly comfortable recliner and it will become your favorite seat when you get home for a long day.

Smooth Reclining Motion

One thing that can hurt a recliner is how smooth it reclines into its positions as some can be really jagged that make it painful. This model has a much smoother reclining mechanism that can be put into two different reclining positions.

Dorel Living Slim Recliner


Best Recliner For Petite People

17.7″ Seat Height

Best Recliner For Petite People
Durable is something that comes to mind when I’m thinking of words on how to describe this manual recliner from Homall and from a first glance you will too! There is a lot to like about this recliner that if you take good care of it you will have a great companion for years to come.

When it comes to designing chairs, there is a type of filling that when used makes the chair not only more comfortable but also more durable. This is a high-density sponge that is extremely comfortable to sit on but also helps the chair keep its shape so there is no sagging.

Tougher Than Others

While it’s not the only recliner to have a steel frame, it does have one of the best in my opinion. The way they have integrated it into the body of this recliner makes a big difference in terms of just how strong it is.

You might think because of this it will be really difficult to recline for you and that’s something I can understand. But that’s not the case as women who are 5-feet tall are easily able to get this chair into its reclined position then back into its upright position.

Amazing Features That Make It Stand Out

One of the things with this recliner that really sets it apart from a lot of the other chairs on the market is the massaging function. This recliner has a built-in massager that takes your relaxation to a whole new level and will be something that you’ve used once you won’t be able to go back to something without it.

Homall Recliner Chair


Home Theatre Seating For Short Person

17.7″ Seat Height

Home Theatre Seating For Short Person
Jummico has gone with a simple yet effective design with this manual recliner that allows it to get all the small things right without being overly complicated. The lowered seat height of 17.7″ really helps shorter people when they’re trying to relax in this modern recliner in my opinion.

It might sound strange but the armrests on this recliner are something that really stands out in my opinion. The slightly curved designed with some good padding makes it really comfortable when you’re resting your arms on them watching television.

Something that can be an issue for a recliner is that they can get fairly warm when you have been sitting in them for long periods of time. While this will still happen with this chair it has been designed to help minimize this by using a breathable fabric so it helps you stay cooler.

Great Feature

Like the Homall above this recliner also has a massaging feature that does improve your ability to relax by quite a bit. It does have an impressive 8 different massage modes so there is a type of massage for practically anyone using this chair whether like it softer or more intense.

Simple To Assemble

Most people don’t think about having to assemble a recliner when they’re getting one but it’s often the case when you do get a new one. Thankfully when it comes to assembling this recliner from Jummico it’s really easy to do with you only needing to slide the backrest in and then attach the 4 legs, so no engineering degree required!

JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair


Recliners For Short & Heavy People

18″ Seat Height 350 Lbs Capacity

Recliners For Short & Heavy People
Being a short person is difficult enough but also having a few extra pounds on you while being short makes life infinitely more difficult as you have more requirements than most people. Thankfully there are companies like Frivity who have heard us asking for something to help us relax and ease some of our burdens.

Sitting on a chair and feeling sturdy is something that can be difficult to achieve for some of us which are why I really like this chair. With an impressive 350lbs weight capacity you can have peace of mind when you’re relaxing on this manual reclining chair.

Something that I really like about this recliner is the 4 different color options you can choose from. This might not sound like a big deal, but trying to find something to match your lounge room can be difficult so I like having these extra options.

Comfort Is High On This Recliner

Just by looking at this recliner, you will get a feeling of looking at a cloud which is what Frivity was trying to achieve and in my opinion, they have. The very plush and soft design really stands out and something you will find yourself falling asleep on even when you’re not trying to.

The combination of the high-density sponge and velvet upholstery really come together quite nicely and are a big reason why this recliner is so comfortable. The sponge helps with keeping its shape and being soft and the velvet feels great against the skin and is easy to clean.

Frivity Massage Recliner Microfiber 350 LB


Modern White Recliner Low Height

18″ Seat To Floor Height

Modern White Recliner Low Height
When you have a reputation like Christopher Knight Homes you expect high quality that doesn’t require a loan to afford. This is what they have done here with this modern manual recliner for short people that really stands out just from looks alone, but thankfully it’s more then just it’s incredible looks.

The white color of this chair will suit most rooms you will put it in but I can see some people being turned off by white furniture. Being made from a PU leather makes this recliner easy to clean so the white isn’t too much of an issue in my opinion, so it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Easy To Recline

Reclining a chair can be more difficult then some people realize and something that short people know better than most since oftentimes you need to push them back using your feet. Reclining this chair is really simple and easy to do that practically anyone can do it which is something I like.

The reclining mechanism itself is really smooth and it goes back really easily and smoothly so there is none of the jaggedness of some other chairs. This is really useful if you have had some back issues and sudden stops can cause an issue for you.

Tougher Than You Think

When I mentioned PU Leather I can imagine several people had already clicked away which I can understand since there is a lot of cheap version of it that is bad. That’s not the case here with this PU Leather being of a higher quality which makes this chair a lot more durable.

Christopher Knight Home Samedi


Push Back Recliner With Heat & Massage

Esright is right for you! Esright has really gone above and beyond with this amazing recliner that has a lot of great features that will make it your favorite chair. The excellent features combined with the stylish look and comfort of this recliner will get people asking where you got this chair.

Trying to set up your loungeroom and getting everything into the right position can be a really difficult task at times since nothing seems to line up just right. With this recliner having the ability to swivel will help with this as you can angle it to the right position taking some of the headaches out of this issue.

Incredible Features Designed To Help You Relax

While this is not the only chair on this list with the ability to massage, in my opinion, it’s the best one on this list. It has the option to massage any part of your body from your legs, thighs, back and lumbar massage giving you the ability to massage your entire body.

To take this relaxation even further Esright added the feature of heating to this incredible recliner. This feature takes this recliner to a whole new level as the heat will allow your muscles to relax and in the colder months, it’s a real lifesaver in my opinion.

There are two extra features that while not as impressive as the first two, but they do make life just that little bit easier. This is the added cup holders and a side pocket that should be standard on every recliner but sadly isn’t.

Esright Heated Massage Recliner Chair


Recliner For Short & Obese People 450 Lb Capacity

Recliner For Short & Obese People
While the toughness of this recliner might be the standout feature and the thing that appeals to most people, it would be a mistake to think that’s all it is. Best Choice products have given this chair a modern and sleek looking design that makes people take notice of it.

I really like the thick padding they have used for this recliner as it’s not too soft and isn’t to firm with both of them being an issue in my opinion. So this model being the middle is something that can make a big difference in how comfortable you’re going to be.

19″ Seat To Floor Height

Best Choice Products have really knocked it out the park with their support of heavy short people with this manual recliner and its incredible weight capacity. It has an impressive 450lbs maximum weight capacity so it will be able to support a fairly heavy individual which is nice for a change.

The strength of this recliner comes from the heavy-duty frame that it was designed with. It’s made of heavy-duty steel that really stands out from the others on the market but because of this, it does weigh 60lbs so it can be a little difficult to move for some people.

Being a chair for a heavy person needs to be more than just a good weight capacity. If you’re sitting in the chair and there is not enough room and you feel like a sardine in a can, it’s not very good. This is why I like how the width of the seat is 21″ offering you more space.

Padded Upholstery Faux Leather Modern Single Recliner


Power Lift Chairs For Short Person

While this isn’t a manual recliner you shouldn’t just dismiss it right away as it has a lot of versatility and can make your life easier. Being from Esright you should already have a bit of an idea of what to expect, a recliner that is jam-packed full of quality of life-improving features.

If you’ve never used a powered recliner before than you have been missing out and can make a big difference for shorter people. The issue with recliners and short people is trying to get them to recline but with a powered recliner, all you need is the remote and you can get reclined easily.

Powered Features That Make Your Life Easier

A lot of people assume lift chairs are for seniors only who struggle to get out of the chair with help. Something that I think most of us have experienced is getting home from work and being so sore that moving is difficult so you just sit in your favorite chair. With the help of the lifting mechanism, you’re now able to get out much easier.

One thing that this recliner does offer is a USB port which is something I know people who love their electronics will enjoy hearing. So you’re able to sit and relax and have your smartphone or tablet charing with you.

Like the other Esright model, this recliner has the same excellent features of massaging and heating which add tremendous value to this recliner and your comfort. Combined with the two cup holders and side pockets you won’t want to ever leave this recliner!

Esright Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner


Short People Have Reclining Options

Buying a reclining chair is a big investment and when you need to be sure specific needs are met, the stakes are even higher. It’s no different whether you are buying a recliner or an office chair for a short person. While the range of reclining chairs for short people is not huge, the fact there are some models available with lower seat heights is appreciated.

I hope you have found this guide valuable and you are able to find the perfect recliner chair for your needs. If you have any further recommendations or suggestions, please feel free to comment them below.

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