How To Be Confident As A Short Person

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How To Be Confident As A Short PersonMany people believe that confidence is the key to being successful in life, which can be difficult to accomplish if you let the stigma of being a short person control you. Learning how to be confident as a short person is something that can take a lifetime to master, or you can just be naturally born confident. By learning to be confident you will notice that people will treat you differently and things in your everyday life will get better.

Sadly it’s not as simple as saying I am going to be confident today, especially after years of feeling like you’ve been treated differently because you’re short. If it was so easy to be confident there would be no unconfident people out there. Since that isn’t the case I’ve put together this handy guide on how to increase your confidence as a short person.

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How To Be Confident As A Short Guy

Being a short guy you might think the odds are stacked against you in many different ways like being overshadowed at work or on the dating scene. This can lead to a real lack of confidence which will continue the trend of feeling like you’ve missed out on that promotion or that girl wasn’t interested. But believe it or not, there are many benefits to being a short male.

Use Your Height To Your Advantage

The biggest thing that helps with your confidence as a short guy is to not dwell on your height and stop thinking of it as a disadvantage. Once you’re able to change this mindset you will realize that being short isn’t a disadvantage at all and something that makes you unique and interesting.

Something that I find that does help in building confidence is by knowledge and learning new skills. By gaining knowledge and new skills you will gain some appreciation for yourself and how you’re able to improve yourself. You are so much more than just your height. You will never know when these new skills might come in handy and make you extremely useful in some stressful situations.

Show Off Those MusclesTips To Being A Confident Short Guy

The good thing about being a short guy is that any form of muscle growth we gain shows a lot more than a taller individual. So going to the gym and staying in shape will work a lot better for you and make you feel more confident.

A good way to get those muscles bulging for a full-body workout is to use an elliptical machine for short people. This will help you target more muscles at once and best of all, they are scaled to size for the shorter folks.

This is not to say that you will necessarily be stronger than a tall person, but having a healthy mind and body will greatly increase your confidence.

While it will be difficult at first but going out and socializing with friends is a great way to build confidence. Being stuck inside your house and office all day and getting no social interaction is a great way to hurt your confidence. So the next time friends invite you to something, take them up on the offer!

If you’re a short person then I have no doubt that you’ve come across those people who make short jokes at your expense. No matter what age we live in this is going to happen and a good way to combat is to make the jokes yourself. This shows that you don’t see your height as an issue and don’t mind having a joke at your own expense.

Dressing Confidently As A Short ManHow To Dress Confident When Short

The way you dress and showcase yourself to the world can instantly increase your confidence level. There is a reason that the saying the suit makes the man is so important when it comes to confidence. Without even knowing it people will judge you before even talking to you and dressing in good clothes is one way to make a good first impression, especially on the dating scene.

Trying to find clothes that are suited for your height can be difficult since a lot of clothes are designed for people who are 5’8″ tall. There are a few manufacturers who do design clothes for shorter guys and find these places and buying clothes there is a good start.

What To Wear As A Short Man

Certain things you wear will make you look taller which can help with making you feel more confident. Trying to find clothes that are more streamlined and less baggy will make you look taller and not like you borrowed your older brother’s shirt. It’s a simple but often neglected thing.

Jewelry is another good way of increasing your confidence with how you’re dressed. Wearing slimmer jewelry such as rings and thin watches compared to much larger and bold ones will make a big difference. The slimmer look is much better than the over top out there patterns and designs.

How To Be Confident As A Short Girl

More often than not, the focus is usually about short guys and the problems they face. Very rarely do short women get the same attention. A lot of short women also suffer from a lack of confidence that can go unnoticed and make life difficult in a lot of ways.

One of the best things about being a short girl is the fact that you will look younger as you get older. This is something that women spend thousands of dollars on every year just to look a little bit younger. Meanwhile, you have a natural youth that you can feel confident in.

The dating world can be a lot easier for you since a lot of guys like shorter girls. It won’t be long before you have a line of potential partners lined up while all the tall women are struggling to find just one.

Walk Confident & Ooze ConfidenceTips To Being a confident Short girl

The biggest thing when trying to walk confidently is to keep your back straight and your head up high. There is a reason your parents and teachers told you to keep your back straight is for a reason since being all hunched over exudes a lack of confidence.

This goes for both short girls and guys and that’s to stay in shape since being fit is a good way to build confidence. Being confident in your body will help with being more confident in your everyday life so the next time you don’t feel like going to the gym you should force yourself.

Understanding that there isn’t a person alive out there who doesn’t have some form of confidence issues. The next time you think that person over there is super confident there is a good chance that they aren’t and that’s okay. The same way it’s okay for you to take your time and get used to being more than just your height.


How To Dress Confident When You’re A Short Female

Dressing for your body type is an important way of looking good and gaining confidence from the way you dress. But finding the right clothes can be extremely difficult which can make dressing the best way difficult. Learning some basic tips is a good way of making this a lot easier for you and your confidence.

Doing simple things like matching your shoes with your bottoms is a good way of giving off a look of being taller. Something like wearing black heels with black pants is a simple yet effective combination to give that visual look of being taller.

Sadly being short you will need to learn how to make alterations when it comes to clothing. This can work to your advantage as getting a pair of jeans that sit at your ankles you can hem them to be shorter. This gives you that look of being taller which will help with how people perceive your look.

Going with certain brands that cater to your shorter stature is always a good way of dressing more confidently. Having clothes that fit better and that you don’t have to alter will give you more confidence when you wear them. So wear them proudly and walk confidently and you will notice people will treat you differently.

In Conclusion

As you can see from the above tips to become confident as a short person, the moral of the story is to have confidence in yourself, not your height. Once you become confident in the person you are, your height will no longer be a factor.

While there is a lot of mental issues attached to becoming confident in the person you were born as, presenting yourself in a confident way will naturally boost your inner confidence as well. If you dress sloppy and show no care for your visual presentation (messy hair etc), you often feel that way inside. Take pride in how you look and add a little shine to it by dressing nicely, staying fit and brushing your hair.

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