Advantages To Being A Short Girl

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Advantages To Being A Short GirlIf you’re a short female then undoubtedly you know the disadvantages that come with it but what are the advantages to being a short girl. There are a lot of advantages of being a short girl that makes life a lot more enjoyable than you may not have thought of before.

So learning what these benefits are might give you a newfound respect for your shorter stature and make you more confident going through life. At the end of the day nothing beats being confident in yourself so let’s find out what the advantages are to being a short girl!

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General Benefits A Short Girl Has

Being short has a lot of “small” advantages that really add up when you put them all together. Some of them may be the smallest of things that you really aren’t aware of and possibly take for granted each and every day. Such as the ability to maneuver through crowds easier than someone who is taller. This makes walking through busy places like shopping centers much easier for you.

Finding Suitable Seating Is A Breeze

Using public transport can be easier for you since you don’t require as much room on the seat. So you might be able to find a spot that someone who is taller can’t. It also does mean that you have more space on a seat which is more comfortable. This especially applies to when you’re on a plane.

Tall people find it a nightmare trying to squeeze their legs in behind the seat in front so much so they have to try and book an aisle seat so they can have one leg resting to the side. Short people have the freedom of choosing any seat they like as they don’t have this problem.

Look Younger For Longer

Being shorter does make you look younger which has a lot of benefits since who doesn’t like looking younger than what they actually are? However, this can take a while before you might consider it a benefit tho. But once you get older and all your friends are struggling to look younger you won’t have to worry as much!

Women typically live longer than men in general, but shorter people have a longer life expectancy. So a short female certainly has a huge benefit when you want to experience more of life.

Noticeable Weight Loss

When you’re shorter your body does show changes more easily than others. While this does mean if you gain a bit of weight it will show more it does also mean the opposite. Any loss of weight will show up and stand out a lot more than others will.

Fly Under The RadarBenefits A Short Girl Has

Something that does go unnoticed is the short person can fly under the radar easier, that is if you want to keep a low profile. This is especially relevant in high ego-driven workplaces like in a busy office. Since you come across as less intimidating people tend to not see you as a threat. This allows you to go unnoticed by the super-competitive types who may try to get in the way of your work.

For some reason, people think it’s okay to come up to a short person and make short people jokes. This can make you more sympathetic to people’s needs when it comes to making off-hand comments which might upset them. So while you may end up with a thicker skin you’ll still be a better person because of it.

Greater Choice Of Clothing

Clothes shopping can be easier at times since you’re able to shop in the kid’s section. A lot of the time’s kid’s clothes are a lot more stylish than your normal adult clothes. So you can save not only money but add more style to your wardrobe.

While a lot of women go for sexy appealing clothing, only a handful of women are able to pull off the cute and adorable look. Guess who’s able to pull off this look is? Shorter women are able to do this look a lot more easily then taller women.

Dating Benefits For A Short Girl Short Girl Dating

Dating a short girl has a lot of positives that could make you wonder why you dated anyone taller. Well maybe not fully, but there is a lot of advantages to dating a shorter woman that if I went through them all, you would be here all day.

If you go on a date with a woman and she wears high heels there is a good chance she will be taller than you. If you date a shorter woman you won’t have this problem as when they wear heels they will be the same height or still shorter then you.

Hugging a short girl is a great feeling and something you will only know if you date one! This is a plus for both sides as the short girl can rest her head on your chest and you can feel super protective of her so it’s a win-win situation in my opinion.

Being shorter usually means you’re unable to reach things on the higher shelves in the house or out grocery shopping. This allows the taller person in the couple to be more useful and feels more appreciated as a taller partner.  While this may seem like a silly benefit to being a short girl in the dating scene, it can feel more rewarding for the taller person as they always feel like they are helping their shorter partner which is something we admire.

Shorter Girls Can Be More Feminine

If you like your woman to be more feminine then you’re in luck if you date a short girl. They have a tendency to be a more feminine then taller women which is a big plus for a lot of people out there.

A lot of shorter women like to make up for the lack of height with passion and a bold personality. This makes them awesome to be around in a relationship since they are always up to do something and to keep the spark in the relationship.

Health Benefits To Being A Short Girl

Less Chance Of Ovarian Cancer

While ovarian cancer is fairly rare with there being a 1.4% chance of a woman developing, 1.4% still makes it common enough that it’s a worry for a lot of women out there. With a recent study showing that your height and weight can increase your odds of developing it.

The study showed that taller and heavier women were at a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer compared to shorter women. There are things like eating well and being a healthy weight will help in reducing the risk of inflammation which can cause cancer.

They believe that taller women will have more hormones and different growth factors compared to shorter women. Since shorter women will have less of this when they’re growing, it does decrease the odds compared to taller women.

So, in this case, being a shorter woman is a big advantage compared to a tall woman since you have a much lower chance of getting this horrible type of cancer. So it might not be a bad thing that you were born shorter so the next time you feel that being short is a bad thing it might just be the thing that saved your life.

Lower Risk Of Breast CancerHealth Benefits Short Female

Breast cancer is a fairly common type of cancer and the risks of getting seem to be getting higher every year. There have been a number of studies suggesting that the height of a woman will affect the chances of getting breast cancer.

In this study, it showed that woman who are taller than 5 foot 3 inches have an incredible 10-20% increased chance of developing breast cancer. So there is a correlation between height and getting breast cancer according to the number of studies this information was pooled from.

As with ovarian cancer, breast cancer also is affected by having increased levels of hormones when you’re growing. These hormones generally will be increased during a growth spurt during your younger years.

There is also evidence that suggests that women who are taller between the ages of 8 and 14 have an increased risk of developing breast cancer in the future. If you were shorter between these ages then you had a lower chance of getting breast cancer as you got older.

Blot Clods Lower Risk In Shorter Women

Since height is one of those things that you can’t really do anything about, it’s always nice when it has some added benefits to it. Which is the case with blood clots that this study has shown that the people who are at the lowest risk are shorter people and short woman in particular.

With the study showing that if you’re a woman and were under 5 foot and 1 inch that your risk of getting a blood clot was reduced by 69%. This is a massive risk reduction that makes being a short woman a big advantage when it comes to something as bad as blood clots.

You’re A Short Girl, So What?

At the end of the day, we are what we are. There is no point in trying to fight it. Rather than spend a ton of energy on negativity, accept the fact that there will be people taller than you. There will also be people shorter than you as well.

It is what it is, once you learn to embrace the body you received, the better life can be. Sure there are general benefits to being short along with health benefits, but the same goes for tall people, healthy people and so on. All you can do is live comfortably in your own skin and forget about the negativity in your life.



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