Advantages To Being A Short Guy

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Advantages To Being A Short Guy Being a short guy you’ve most likely felt like there are more cons then there are pros but what if I told you there are a lot of advantages to being a short guy? There are a number of advantages to being short that you may not have thought of before.

So being short may not be as bad as you first think and the older you get the more you will understand why being short is more of an advantage. Some of the advantages you’ll find here are ones that you may already know, but there are a few that are far more uncommon and rarely ever mentioned.

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Some Long Term Benefits To Being A Short Male

Short Guys May Live Longer

Without a doubt, the best advantage of being a shorter guy is that you may live longer than a taller person. There are a number of health reasons why this is the case and a lot of evidence out there supporting this. Living longer has its own advantages which just makes this even better in my opinion.

Active Social Life

Being shorter allows you to make more friends since you come across as far less intimidating to people. Having an active social life will make you a happier and healthier person which can lead to a lot more enjoyable life experiences that takes advantage of living longer.

Eat Less, Save More!

You’re able to save money when it comes to food since you don’t require as much as someone who is taller. In this day and age saving money is always a handy thing to do and something that is often overlooked for shorter people.

One that you will see basically everywhere for short guy advantages are things like it’s easier to fit on planes or car seats. This is true it’s hard to argue with having the extra room on planes in a handy yet not an everyday advantage. It’s the car seat advantage that I find to be far more useful as a lot of people have to drive every day.

You Can Exceed Expectations Easily

There is a lot of stress with being a taller person since everyone is generally looking at you which can be difficult. The opposite is true for shorter people who usually have far less stress since they’re rarely the main focus so there is less pressure on them.

Clothes are much easier to find in clothing stores since your size is rarely sold out. So going shopping is far less of an annoyance then it is for taller people since you rarely worry about not finding what you’re looking for.

Short Benefits – Age WellBenefits To Being A Short Man

Having a smaller stature does mean that you’re going to look younger which doesn’t sound like much of an advantage when you’re younger. When you get older this becomes a lot more prominent and the advantages that come with it. Looking younger does make you look healthier which can make you be more attractive.

If you think looking younger is more of a disadvantage there are things you can do to be perceived as more mature. When you’re short your body will show your muscles easier which can make you look older if that is what your goal is.

Speaking of going to the gym and trying to gain muscle as a short person. If you’re trying to bulk up as a short person you won’t need as many calories as a taller person would which is a really great advantage for my gym-going friends.

Short People Are Less Likely To Be Accident Prone

One thing that is often overlooked for shorter people is how they’re less likely less to get injured compared to tall people. There is a really simple explanation for this which is shorter people don’t fall over near as much as a tall person. This means they have far less risk of breaking something when they fall over.

This is without mentioning the fact tall people are always banging their heads on doorframes, ceiling fans, car roof,etc. So less damage to your head is most certainly a benefit to being short if you ask me.


Benefits To Dating A Short Guy Advantage To Dating Short Guy

Dating a short guy has a lot of advantages that you may not think of at first. Such simple things as kissing are made a lot easier since you don’t have to bend over as much. It also means you’re able to make eye contact easier which is important in a relationship.

  • A lot of women have to wear high heels just to be as tall as their partner in most cases. So dating a short guy comes with the added benefit of you being taller which makes you feel like you’re a supermodel!
  • Short guys typically have a better idea of what they want in lie as they have let go of the thought of being the cool tall popular guy a long time ago. Instead, they focus on what’s really important.
  • Who doesn’t love being in bed with their significant other and cuddling? Do you know what’s better? Being in bed with your partner but still having a lot of room to spread out! This is a great advantage that is only possible with a shorter guy.
  • You know that high shelf that every guy puts things that you want on top of it? This is something you don’t have to worry about with a short guy since they’re also unable to reach it.
  • Shorter guys have a better understanding of being frustrated at things you have no control over. This makes them more sympathetic to when things like this pop-up and you want to talk to someone about it.
  • Taken selfies together are much easier since no one has to bend over to try in fit in and nor do you have to cut his forehead out. This makes your selfie game much easier to do and who doesn’t like that!


Benefits Of Being A Short Guy In A Fight

Being short in a fight does have some advantages that most people will overlook and it’s not something to be underestimated. This doesn’t mean if you’re short you’re instantly going to win every fight, and in most cases it’s probably best to avoid it altogether.

One of the most important things in a fight is your balance since if you lose it and end up on the ground you’re in for a bad time. Shorter people have a much better center of gravity which makes them have better balance so you’re less likely to be knocked over.

The Short DefenceShort Men Fight Better

Now that you’ve got your balance all sorted the next advantage to being short in a fight is you have a better defense. A taller person is a much larger target and needs to cover themselves more. Being short means it’s easier to protect yourself and makes you a much smaller target.

You have a really big advantage when your shorter since you’re able to overwhelm your opponent by getting in there face. Taller people need more room for there longer arms so a short person who can get on the inside can allow you to take the advantage and apply more offense.

When it comes to punching power shorter people do seem to have more of it. With examples like Mike Tyson who didn’t have the greatest reach but had tremendous punching power. There could be a number of reasons for this like that you will most likely be punching up which brings your legs muscles into your punch making them stronger.

Being short can put the odds in your favor with being faster than taller people in most cases. Being faster has a lot of advantages in a fight, it means you’re able to escape easier or possible have faster hand speed.


Advantage To Being Short For SportsSports For Short Men

There are a number of sports where being short is an advantage compared to people who are taller, tall people only play basketball after all. So if you’re short and think you can’t be an athlete because of your height then I have some good news for you. You’re able to do more sports then you might think and even be better at then taller people.

You may wonder what Formula 1 and horse racing have in common? What they have in common is being short is a big advantage for both sports. Your shorter stature and weight make it easier on the cars and horses which can affect the overall speed of them.

When you get into competitive weightlifting you may notice that a lot of the professionals are actually shorter. Your shorters arms are an advantage since you don’t have to lift the weight as high which does make it easier for you compared to someone taller.

Boxing and gymnastics both are greatly affected by your center of gravity. I went over this before and that shorter people have a much lower center of gravity which makes there balance better. So if you like the idea of either sport then you’ve got a headstart on the taller people out there.


While at times it does seem being a short male in this day and age does seem like you have drawn the shortest straw, however, you can be reassured with these benefits that being short is far from a hindrance. At the end of the day, its the body you were born with and it’s up to you how you treat it and what you do with it.

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